Deployment Process

Deployment Process

Documents Needed from Your Company for Processing and Accreditation with Our Ministry of Labour (MOL)

  • Original Visa Advice
  • Consulate Letter
  • Demand Letter
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Duel Employment Contracts
  • Bloc Visa or Visa Quota
  • Copy of Company Registration or Photocopy of Employers Passport (for individual employer)


Medical Check-up
KSA - all shortlisted workers will be sent to Government Approved Hospital or Clinic for medical examination (To the GAMCA approved clinics in case KSA visa). After their medical fitness for employment, they will be eligible to sign the employment contract before endorsing their visas in passports.
Malaysia and other countries – once we receive original visa copies, we require all the workers to go for pre-deployment 2nd round of medical check-up. When workers are medically certified to have been fit for job, then we process their exit formalities and arrange their departure.


Endorsement of Visa
Visa is endorsed through the concerned Embassies after receiving the original visa (in case of block or calling visa such as KSA, Malaysia etc).


Travelling Arrangements
Once complete set of required documents, i. e. visa, employment contract, valid copies of passports, government approval etc, are ready, it will be handed over to our Travel Agents for reservation of seats on Airlines. (Employers may send their PTAs to any airline operating from Kathmandu).


Visa & Travel Arrangements
Upon receipt of work permit visa or NOC with Airlines confirmation from the host company, exit formalities and travel permission will be obtained in Nepal and flight itinerary communicated to host company to establish date of arrival in host country.


Prior to the departure of workers,orientation classes are organized to make all workers fully aware of the Laws and Orders,Labour Laws, Immigration Regulations etc. of the country of their employment to avoid any misunderstanding, which may offend the local culture and traditions. Particular emphasis is given to Islamic Laws where certain guidelines are expected to be strictly abided by.


Departure of the Workers
After completion of all the processes and formalities, we inform the employer company about the flight details and time of arrival in the latter’s country by fax, email or telephone.
Once employers are successfully informed, our office representative drops the workers to the International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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